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Children (7+) Cybersecurity Game!

The new Adventure to playfully teach children how to stay safe online, how to protect their data and devices , not to share their personal data and much more!

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Learn the basics of Cybersecurity in an engaging adventure !

Foldio Adventures – Fox in the web – is a point-and-click adventure game that teaches children the basics of cybersecurity. In the game you help Finn, the fox, who has to make an emergency landing on Earth on his journey through space. You’ll learn the basics of cybersecurity in a variety of missions tailored to children’s needs.

Data Privacy

Securing private information, text and photos.

Anti bullying

how to know when it happens. How to confront and report bullies. 


How to create a secure password and how to secure devices using passwords.

Children Safety

How to understand and report internet abuse.