What is FOLDIO?

Foldios are Fun Paper Robots that are programmable.

They teach children how to Code using an innovative and effective way!

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Playful Learning!

Foldio teaches playfully the basics of How computers work!


There is no Background in Coding Needed. We will guide your child how to Start with an Engaging Story in a comic-Strip Style!

From 7 Years Old

The Foldio System is designed for Children in Their early-Stage. They just need to know how to read!

Interactive Paper

Foldio technology is based on a patent pending method invented in the university of Saarbrücken,Germany.

We use Printed Conductive Ink on Paper to make our Paper Robots Interactive.

This technology allows children to be able to Feel and Touch and get feedback. It allows them to easily understand how computers work in Early ages.

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