Calliope mini – Mikrocontroller -
Calliope mini – Mikrocontroller -
Calliope mini – Mikrocontroller -

Calliope mini - Microcontroller

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With the help of the Calliope mini you can bring your foldio to life. Together with a Foldio starter set you learn in a playful way how a programming language is structured and you dive into the digital world. The instructions guide you step by step through the programming with a story.

The Calliope minicomputer contains 25 red and one colored LED, two programmable buttons as well as combined position and motion sensors with a compass. This enables Calliope mini to recognize, for example, where and how fast it is moving. The Calliope mini can communicate with other devices via Bluetooth. Applications can be programmed either on a computer or a smartphone. In the second case, the written program is transferred wirelessly to the mini computer.

 Other components of the Calliope mini:

  • Temperature sensor
  • Light & brightness sensor
  • Grove connections for expansion with additional sensors
  • speaker
  • microphone
  • USB interface
  • Motorenanschluss
  • processor

The Calliope mini starter box includes:

  • Battery holder with batteries ( disposal instructions for batteries )
  • USB-Cable
  • Booklet for the first computer-independent applications and one with programming examples
  • Rubber band
  • sticker